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    I'm thinking about buying a Treo 270 from a friend, however he's dropped it and the screen has a line down the center and some messed up stuff on the top of the screen replaceble?

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    Handspring can replace, however I have never seen any screens for sale separately to replace it yourself. Does your firend have the extended warranty with one-time screen replacement? Can he/she still get it?
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    I'm not too sure. I've emailed him but no response back yet. Do you know how long Handspring gives till they start charging you for a replacement?
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    Well there is the 1 year warranty, then with max 3 months left on the 1st year you can purchase the extended. Not sure whether it's an additional 1 or 2 years. Check the support section at Handspring. They have all the specifics.
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    One last question, then whats the deal with (some) people being charged 89 dollars for another model?
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    I have never come across that. Did someone on this forum post that?
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    A couple of people said they have....I can't imagine that it's 89 dollars for shipping. They call up a Handspring Rep and they guy or gal says 89 bucks and we'll ship one out to you.
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    Hmmm, don't know on that one.

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