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    Hello All

    I've been having trouble receiving SMS messages on my Treo300.
    I've called for help several times to no avail.

    The problem is, when I receive an SMS message, my phone buzzes and but the message looks like this.

    No Caller ID
    Short MAil: New Short Mail. Select "Go" to read it.

    There is no 'Go' option, but if I select the message and choose browse, Blazer comes up and I get the 'Connecting...' message
    for a bit, then a failure to read page message. Note: Blazer has no problem connecting to other pages on the Internet.

    If I use my desktop computer to log in to I can view all of the failed message that others have sent me. I can also send a "short message" to the phone from their web interface, but sending a "sms message" from their web interface fails in the same way.

    Why can my Treo300 receive a text message with a (broken) sprint URL, but no the text message itself? Were the sales people just lying when they said it could receive SMS?

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    The long answer to your question can be found on this board by doing a 'search.' The short answer is that you need a third party app called 'Treo300SMS' by PDAapps installed on your Treo to retrieve SMS from the Sprint SMS server and also to be able to send MO-SMS to other phone carriers. Good luck.
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    i have treo sms...and still periodically have the problem described above, including the inability to browse to the web page provided in the link! very annoying.

    my solution is to send myself a one letter sms message. this basically kick starts the system again, and i very quickly receive both my test message and the "missing in action" message or messages.

    another problem least have of the sms messages sent to me are failing to get to my treo. i get a "network error" inbetween the first and second connections. my above work around will force the message down..but it is annoying!
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    The most reent version of Treo300SMS has a "fetch" command in the menu. This negates the need to send yourself a message. The problems with getting messages are related to Sprint's quirky shortmail servers.


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