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    Purchased my Treo 270 on February 16.
    The backlight died on April 24.

    T-Mobile sent me a new one which arrived on April 29.
    The keyboard died on May 15, and the phone a few days later.

    T-Mobile sent me a third unit, which arrived today, May 20.

    Of course I did soft resets, hard resets, everything possible. It was clear to everyone that these were hardware problems.

    In contrast, my Palm Vx lasted me from December 1999 - February 2003, with never any problems. This does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling about Handspring.

    The only bright spot is T-Mobile customer service, which is helpful and unbelievably polite.
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    tough luck man.

    I had my original for close to a year, had to replace it a couple of months ago because it would not upgrade to the gprs patch.

    New unit has been working flawlessly (knock on wood).
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    Hmm... I've had my Treo since December and have no problems. I've put some apps on which have hosed it.. but that was the apps fault. nit Treo's.

    Sorry to hear your bad luck. Seems people tend to get refurbished units after returns. That is likely most of the problem,.
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    I shouldn't say it because I know people are having lots of troubles with the Treo 270. I have had mine since December and so far no worries. I have to admit the GPRS upgrade is an issue but not on my machine which came with an installation of the GPRS facility. I am not worried about any further upgrades to my Treo as I have heard people can stuff them if the install doesn't work.

    So all told I am happy with the product.
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    Bought mine in Feb as well. So far so good. Dropped it several times. Still works fine.
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    I have my original 270 since HS started shipping them.
    I have never had a problem with it, and I also have dropped it a "few" times...
    I still love mine !
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    Originally posted by larryk
    I have my original 270 since HS started shipping them.
    I have never had a problem with it, and I also have dropped it a "few" times...
    I still love mine !
    i still love the dog picture.

    On the road to 5,000 posts
    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.
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    Originally posted by Felipe

    Originally posted by larryk
    I have my original 270 since HS started shipping them.
    I have never had a problem with it, and I also have dropped it a "few" times...
    I still love mine !

    i still love the dog picture.

    And now we know why he's so happy.
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    Sounds like yours may be a lemon, unfortunately. I dropped my Treo on a hard surface for the first time the other day while accessing HandyShopper at Whole Foods: no damage, even cosmetic. My original 270 is still tickin' along nicely after nine months -in stock GSM state, BTW. I haven't adjusted to Palm and don't expect to; but there still isn't a better integrated solution out there.

    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.
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    Originally posted by Rodolfo
    Sounds like yours may be a lemon, unfortunately.
    Sounds more like an orange to me

    Oh, yes: Had my Treo for over a year now and loving it!
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    I have had my treo 270 since August and I have had no problems with it. I use it constantly and with all types of applications.
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    I bought mine when they first came out. I have had 3 replacements. I am waiting for my 4th. I barely use mine. I believe they are made poorly. I do like the thing but reliability is really important to me.

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    Got the 4th but it will not work. I now will get a 5th early next week. These unit are extremelly buggy and poorly engineered.

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    I'm on my third 270 and have really had a love/hate relationship with it. The first had the back light go out the day I left for Brazil for 2 weeks making it nearly useless while traveling (although it did extend the battery life significantly). The second had something wrong with the phone, I forget exactly what. My third has been working but about once a month I have to do a radio reset to make the phone work again. With this one, on my way to London from LA (while in the taxi) it decided to do a hard reset, I have no idea why, but of course, I lost all my data for that trip as well. Ironically, the phone part worked flawlessly in London and Paris without my doing anything at all. Calls from the US came through perfectly and I could roam locally and make local calls. They weren't that expensive, either.

    Once my contract is up I'll probably move on because the 270 does seem sort of jinxed. For now, everything is working fine.

    As an aside (and without doing a complete search to know if this has been discussed elsewhere) I've suspected Hacks can screw with the phone part, but have never been able get the goods on any specific hack.
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    Just to help balance out the comments...

    I've had my 270 since May 2002 (when it was first released). The outside is showing signs of wear since I carry it unprotected on my belt and bump it into things. Dropped it a few times as well. ...and it keeps on ticking. I plan on replacing it in January with a Treo 600.
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    I'm on my third Treo 270 and this one, which I got the other day, never even breathed life. From the minute I took it our of the box the phone wont work. I've never even synced!

    My first one did this. Then on my second the screen died. Now my third is the same as the first.

    Crap. But I will likely try the 600 I just hope this gets better.
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    On my 2nd Treo 270 which replaced the first one which I had dropped MANY times (it had the dead speaker syndrome after a year of abuse).
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    Since the inital release of the 180, I've had 7 replacement units.

    Since I recieved a 270 in April, I'm on #2.

    Yes, this device is a lemon and Handspring Q/A sucks.

    Still, I keep using it as it's under an extended warranty (Thank GOD) and it's the best combination of palm os/cell phone I've found.

    But someone else, probably SONY, will beat the handspring feature set AND build quality and then it's goodbye treo.

    For reference, before the treo, I carried a Palm V for about 4 years, used it daily with a keyboard and have NEVER had a single problem.

    Normally, I'd be first in line for the 600, but given the treo issues, I'm on "wait and see".
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    Treo no.2 just arrived today. I love the 270 but a week with a new basic Nokia has made me realise just how much better the 600 will have to be to succeed.

    My Visor never crashed so I'm not happy when the Treo does, leaving me without my phone numbers and diary.
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    I bought a Treo 180 the first week that came out to the market but I have had all kind of problems: hangs, loudspeaker, battery drain, deffective SIM holder ... althought most part of the problems came from the software.
    Seems that unlocky people that needed a replacement never got a ggod one: HS is probably replacing defective units with more defective units (rmay be refurbished)

    I loved so much my Treo that I was keeping it running even having to soft/hard reset it several times a day.
    It finally died some weeks ago... now I'm desesperately looking for a new or second hand 270 since I cannot wait until 600 will be available in Spain.

    BTW: I guess that HS is only focusing on the production of the new T600 since most part of the on-line retailers in Europe (expansys for example) are out of stock and they tell me that HS is not answering their orders. Just some refurbished items at more than 600 € !!!
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