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    Is there a way in Blazer Browser to set it up so that I don't have to enter my ID and/or Password everytime I go to an website that requires "log in" (such as yahoo or my stock brokerage website)?

    I've checked my Blazer setting and made sure the cookies were turned on but that did not seem to help. It would be great when logging on to an website, if the complete ID pop ups when I press the first letter of ID as it does on my computer. Any suggestion/help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    ... but Yahoo is just that way. I don't know WHY ... I always have to log in every time as well. If somebody knows a way around this I would also love to know it. Some sites just require more security. However, with your stock brokerage site ... I do believe it is prudent to enter your login every time. Better safe than sorry. (wow, that sounds lame ... sorry)

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