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    Could someone tell me how I can get to my Blazer Browser preference menu? I want to turn my cookies on in the browser so that I don't have to type in my ID/Password everytime I log in to Yahoo/Aol/etc..

    I would appreciate a step by step instruction on how to do this as I am new to Treo. Thanks.
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    Let's see if I can get this right . . . while in Blazer go to bottom left of screen and click on the bookmarks screen. (tiny squares) Then click on the "Options" tab. Next click on Advanced ... and there you are. :-)
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    I missed a step . . . click on the little bookmarks screen and then click on the blue "Blazer" at the top of the bookmarks page . . . from there go to "Blazer Preferences" ... I think that is right. (I am in Blazer as I type this so I can't see it!)
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    Thanks ! That worked great.
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    HUH? Instead of doing all that, all you need to do is press the wand button ( :menu: ) when you on blazer, then go to options! Simple!

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