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    I just bought a "factory sealed" Treo 300 on eBay which should arrive by the end of the week. I'm excited to be getting it, but I'm also worried about the dreaded hinge problem with long-term use. I've read about how you can take your phone in for replacement by Sprint while under warranty, but I wonder if that only works if you bought the phone from Sprint directly. My phone is a new one, but it's not been purchased from a big retailer or Sprint, so will they honor the warranty? Will Sprint let me buy the equipment protection plan for a phone purchased from someone other than Sprint?
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    I don't believe they will honor the warranty. I believe you must purchase the phone from Sprint or an authorized Sprint dealer.

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    i got mine from microcenter not sprint and sprint is mailing me a new phone (in the store i told them i bought it from sprint)
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    While I did buy my treo from sprint, I forgot about insuring it until the day after I ordered it. I called sprint before I received it, but it was too late for sprint themselves to offer me insurance. They explained to me that there agreement with the underwriter allows them to sell the insurance only prior to activation. They gave me an 800 # to call the insurer directly after I got the phone up and running which walked me through an automated process including calling the phone to ensure it was operating. There is day waiting period doing it this way. Call sprint to get the 800# and to make sure I'm right about all this. Finally, with a receipt you should be good for factory warranty as well.

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    I wrote 'day waiting period' but meant '20 day waiting period'. I blame graffitti for the error


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