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    A friend just purchases a Treo 300, and is a long time user of Compuserve. He'd rather not give up his e-mail address if he can avoid it. I did a few searches (including on this forum) and have heard people allude to using it, but not which software was being used.

    Any tips/advice for software would be the best choice? Or even a webmail approach that would work?

    He's using CompuServe 2000, so I'm wondering if the AOL apps would work, considering they run on the same platform...
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    You might wanna try CompuServe Mail:
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    Unfortunately, Compuserve Mail isn't an option for Treo 300 owners. Or at least it isn't until they come up with a version that supports native TCP/IP connection. Mail only works with external serial modems, not built in connections. I've tried it to no avail.

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    if i remember correctly, compuserve2000 users were able to get there mail via an IMAP client.
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