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    Signal strength is lousy near my house, and there are weak spots on the wat to work (go figure - you'd think sprint would have the 880 corridor from berkeley to san jose well covered ...). Anyway, I've found that when I can't get on the network when I should - like I said, it's weak at home, but it's there - I find a soft reset *always* gets me back on. This after numerous wireless mode on/off attempts.

    It's quite annoying and of considerable concern - my phone is my pager and this weekend I was on call, constantly checking for a signal, voicemail, sms.

    Anyone else have this problem?

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    Yep, do a search here on the forum and you will find this to be a flaw on certain phones.

    There is one way to fix it, which I had to. Exchange the phone for a new one. Apparently only certain phones were affected. My 1st one had the problem, but the 2nd one diddnt.
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    You might also want to try TreoHelper in the meantime. It is still in BETA but it's a nifty little program that will restart your phone after a reset, hunt for a signal automatically ... and lots of other stuff I can't remember. There are several threads about it. Check ino it.
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    FWIW I swapped my Treo 300 at the Sprint store the other week due to a funky rocker switch and a few other things. The radio behavior is the same with the newer device; i.e. red blink of death, power drain, resets while trying to connect etc. I messed with it for a couple of days before loading ANY software on it just to make sure.

    June 18th is supposed to be the magic date that Sprint will release the 1.21 firmware which supposedly fixes many of these issues.

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