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    I changed my homepage from whatever it defaults to (pcsvision homepage according to the sprint *** I'm reading) something else. Now I'm trying to find the
    "content catalog", as well as the "vault" that is supposed to be a tab when I log into sprintpcs via desktop and a link on my handheld homepage.

    So, what's the url for the homepage, and is there such thing as a vault or content catalog? Do I care? I s there anything interesting? I've got some sort of a monthly credit so I thougt I'd take a look.

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    The Treo cannot access the "premium vision content" that other phones can. Things like ringers, screensavers, and games are made for phones that use "java" programming, which the Treo lacks. Also you cannot access the same menu that the other vision phones can, like CNN news, ect ect. You cannot access shortmail and you cannot access your @sprintpcs email. It has something to do with the way your Blazer Browser connects to a proxy server and then to your handset. Bummer huh?
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    Do a search of the forum. You can use Short Mail by purchasing treo300sms from You can access your email using the Sprint pop server and Eudora. You can also access any of the websites that the Vision browsers on other phones access (and many many more) by using Blazer. You can access the WAP site at

    This portal gives you more content than the Vision homepage and it is better quality. You can even use their text messaging system to send messages to sprint and nonsprint phones.

    All in all, these are pretty good workarounds. As to the ringers, there are options available that work with the Treo.

    In summary, even though it requires a bit of legwork, the Treo can use the best of vision and do sooooooooo much more. Use the forum as a way to figure out these things on your own. You will be very glad you did.

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