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    Ahg! My Treo worked flawlessly for the first few months I had it. Now 90% of the time I try to dial out I get the following error screen.
    Network Error

    The network could not
    complete your call.

    to try again: wait a
    few moments, then
    tap redial

    I wait and hit redail and cannot redial. The only way i've found around this is to disconnect from the network by holding down the power button and then reconnect the same way. Right after I reconnect I can dial out again.

    While I am unable to dial out I can still recieve incomming calls. My wife also has a Treo 270 and has the same problem.

    Does anyone have any experience with this problem? My friend's "normal" cingular cell phones don't have this problem. I can't even tell if its CINGULARs fault or our Treo's fault.
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    If both your and your wife's Treos have this problem, I would consider whether you are in a marginal area. When you reboot the radio, how many bars of signal do you get? Is there a particular geographical location where you consistently have a problem? Is this a relatively new area for Cingular, or now just converting to GSM?

    If not then maybe a bad or loose SIM card?? You might pop off the back door and recheck the SIM, and look for dirty contacts. If the SIM door is not really tight, it might not be holding the card contacts against the connector fingers. If this does not work, try swapping the SIM into a 'regular' GSM phone to see if it works.

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