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    I purchased Jot Complete about 2 months ago and installed the application.

    Now, about every few weeks I get a message telling me that the 5 day Jot Demo has expired.

    I have been on the phone with their tech support and it'll work for a few weeks again...and then boom locked out again. Tried deleting it out of my synch files and backup. but that doesn't seem to help. The rep made mention this is a common problem.

    They're not superfast at responding to tech support email or it could be a day or so before I can use the app everytime this happens.

    Anyone else having these problems? Got a fix?

    Wouldn't it be nice if software companies didn't treat their paying customers like crooks...and took the stinking time bombs out of their software!
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    Folks at Jot came through with a new version that seems to fix the problem! New version is 2.04.


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