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    I just bought a PQI, 64 mg chip for my Treo 90 and it seems to like it just fine. I formatted it and copied some of my programs over to it and it shows that they are there. However, I haven't found anyway to access them from the chip. I've looked over a ton of FAQ's but nothing that gives me any help.

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    All programs that you want to use on the SD card must be installed in the \palm\launcher directory or they will not be seen by the Palm. You can also use a very handy program called "pidirect" that allows you to run a wider cariety of programs from your card (Much faster than Palms implementation of "Virtual File System" - Look for it at

    Also, using a replacement launcher such as "LauncherX" can be a great benefit, as it adds a level of simplicity to using programs on your card.

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    You'll also find an inexpensive app called Shortcutz at Palmgear. It creates a link from the app on the card and puts the icon on the ALL home screen and in whatever caegory you choose. It can also launch apps on the card with almost every third party launcher.

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    It sure makes thing easier when you can find someone who's been there ahead of you. Thanks so much, friends!

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