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    is the freeware version of newpen (i think it's v1.4) workable on the treo 300? Are there any glitches?

    Also, is RecoEcho Plus still free for new Treo owners? I can't find the link.

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    You have to go to handspring and register your treo, then you can dowlnoad it for free...
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    Actually to my knowledge that deal has expired sadly.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I was a diehard graffiti user, until I got the Treo. Now there is no way I would go back to graffiti.

    I got reco echo for free, ( I think from the Handspring or reco echo site, plugged in my serial # to get it for free), installed it, and then deleted it as I had no need for it.

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    I have used Newpen on the 300 without a problem.

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