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    I try to use my treo 270 with my mac ibook.
    I follow every single step on the help document but in vain.
    Also I tried every usb port on wmodem. (even though the document mentions only the fifth usb port should be used, other wise will damage treo usb port)

    when i try to log on to the internet, i dial it and the screen shows
    connecting message and then disconnect.

    any one can make it work ?

    i used to connect it to my pc notebook via IR, it works fine.
    I also use pdanet to connect to my pc notebook via usb wire, it works fine.

    I don't understand why it doesn't work on my mac ibook.

    any help?
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    Did you figure out how to so this? Could you tell me where I can find instructions on how to do this?

    I'm going to be in the hospital for a few days and I would like to use my 270 as a wirless modem on my powerbook. I'm running OS 10.3.

    Thanks in advance!


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