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    Is there a Stowaway keyboard for the treo 300 yet.
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    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Given that Handspring will be releasing the Treo 600 in the fall, and that it sounds like it will be a great product that may have higher sales, I contacted Think Outside to see if they are planning to make a version of the Stowaway or Stowaway XT that will be compatible with the 600 and/or existing Treos. (I explained that if they don't intend to support the Treo that I will purchase the Targus Universal Wireless Keyboard.)

    I was told by someone who handles Investor Information that I should "hold out a bit longer" as they will be releasing a new product in October. She didn't clarify whether this product will support existing Treos or the new one, but clearly it will support at least one of those two categories.

    So, 'til October I'll be waiting eagerly to get an external keyboard.

    -Seth (who is turning into more and more of a Treo geek)
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    You might want to give the targus universal wireless a try. I have been using one for a couple of months and I believe it is as good or better than the stowaway. IMHO the stowaway does have slightly better overall keyboard feel, (layout, keyspacing, etc.) but as a long time stowaway user (3 yrs) I have not had any problems switching to the Targus Univ. Wireless. And not to mention ONE keyboard works with all my pdas, (Ipaq 2210, Treo, Palm zire 71, Dell Axim), it also is the first keyboard that I could use on the treo that actually held the unit in correct position, no screen flipping necessary. my .02


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