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    I was trying to buy the treo and it only gave me the option of a $100 plan or a $115 plan....i only wanted the $60 pcs vision plan! What gives---are you only allowed these expensive plans with the Treo? Or is it a weird Amazon thing (which is why they can offer the treo for $199???) ARG. Finally decided to buy the treo and now i am wondering.

    If i take the treo to a sprint store when I get it, will I be able to sign up for the 500 minutes and unlimited vision plan?
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    reading some other posts here i am beginning to think that in order to get the Amazon discount, I have to buy the package Sprint deal simultaneosly----and they only offer the $100 or more per month if I were to buy the phone through amazon but not activate it through them, I wouldn't get the 100 bucks back....right?
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    One thing I learned the hardway with and ordering the Treo was NOT to order any accessories with it. In March I ordered the Treo 300 and an additional car charger. Even though I had chosen to "ship items as they became available", Amazon held onto the order. They kept delaying the shipping estimates and I several times I asked them what the hold up was and kept being assured it was being processed. Seven weeks later, I called Amazon and asked what the deal was. The customer service guy was very helpful (finally!) and was surprised because he said they had many Treo's in stock and it was the charger that was holding it up. So, I cancelled the charger and they sent the Treo out that day! If they weren't offering such a great rebate program, i probably would have just bought the phone somewhere else.

    Now, to answer your question! I ordered a Treo 300 for my husband last night from Amazon (sans accessories). I, too, noticed they had a much more limited selection of sprint plans to choose from from when I ordered in March. What I did was order him the 300 minute plan at $35/month and then on the next page they had the PCS Vision option for $15. It was a bit confusing, though. For instance, they offered PCS Vision Premium and PCS Vision Pro both for $15 and no explanation of the differences!! So, we ordered the Vision Pro.

    As for activating the phone, you actually call the Sprint activation line when you purchase from Amazon. It's not a special number or anything that this just for Amazon customers.

    Good luck!!
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    I'm a fellow New Yorker and I just picked up a Treo 300 on Friday.

    I was about to go with the original $150 Amazon deal, but only stumbled on it at the last second, so I took a different approach.

    I must admit that I am also somewhat disillusioned with purchasing online, so I tried the "local" route. Microcenter (there's one out on Westbury Long Island) is currently selling the Treo 300 for $399. I went to the local Circuit City and they pricematched to $389. With the Sprint $200 rebate that brought me back down to $189 (not to mention only one rebate to mail in).

    I had originally thought I would pick it up in Manhattan, I seem to recall that the store on 80th and Broadway (across from Zabars) had them in-stock.

    Microcenter website is , just search on Treo and check the bottom.

    Now to decide whether I want to try the Freespeak....

    Good luck,

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    pick whatever plan they have, then when you get the Treo, call Sprint and choose whatever plan they have. The plan you pick on amazon has no relevance to the plan you actually sign up for.

    you get any rebate once they see the phone is activated on a new line, not the type of plan.

    (this is based on actual experience)
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    I ordered my treo from amazon last monday. I was able to choose the 300 minute plan for $35. I am going to send out for the $150 rebate as soon as I get my first bill. It was hassle free even thought they took a couple of days to ship.
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