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    After a hard reset, I had to re-configure my settings in SnapperMail. I use a non-Sprint incoming (pop3 address) and the Sprint outgoing (smtp) server. Mail doesn't send. Sprint tech support was useless, since I'm not using Eudora.

    When I used a different outgoing server (Myrealbox), mail sends fine. This is a free email service which is subject to periodic downtimes, so I'd prefer using Sprint. Does anyone else use a non-Sprint incoming server along with the Spring outgoing server?
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    I've discovered through trial-and-error that the Sprint domain name has to be in the outgoing address in order for the server to authenticate. I know that other ISPs have done the same in order to cut down on spam. Snappermail has an optional Reply To, so when my recipients click on Reply, it will still get sent to my non-Sprint pop3 address.

    I wish the Sprint tech would have told me that in the first place.
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    I also use Snappermail, and have no problems retrieving email from any of my three email accounts.

    As you said, all outgoing email has to be done through Sprint.


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