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    hey there-
    i have been thinking strongly about buying a treo 300 but had some questions and I can't find the answers out there:

    1) When you're surfing on Sprints internet connection, do incoming phone calls pop up on your screen so you know someone is calling you? Or maybe your phone rings? Or does it go right into voicemail?

    2) Does AOL for Palm work well on the Treo 300?

    3) Any Manhattanites out there find that Sprint's phone service (not net service) stinks? THis is what I have heard.

    4) Anyone out there have PDANET--I want to use my Treo to connect my Laptop to the net. Is it good? Also, it doesn't eat up airtime minutes, right? (assuming I have the Sprint PCS vision plan with unlimited internet, which I think is the only option right now).

    5) Whassup with Amazon?? Suddenly their 149 deal disappeared...did I miss it? Waah.

    6) can i access AOL mail through if I don't buy AOL for PDA software?

    7) does anyone have a link for "pda-ized" websites that are
    easily viewed on the Treo?

    8) do you need to use the earpiece or the speakerphone to talk to callers---or can you hold it up to your head like a regular phone?

    THANKS for your quick answers.
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    A few answers: PDA Net does not use minutes. It's an awesome replacement for dial-up when you travel. You can hold the phone up to your head or use the hands free or the speakerphone. If you get a call while using the data connection (whether for web surfing, e-mail, or other tasks), you will be notified and have a chance to answer the call only if you are not actively transferring data at the moment the call comes in -- otherwise, the call will go straight voicemail. Search the threads for answers about AOL. You'll likely enjoy the Treo if you get it. Good luck!
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    By the way, service in Manhattan is ok -- not as good as Verizon, but better than AT&T or T-Mobile/Cingular.
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    You cannot check your aol email directly from with the Blazer browser.
    If you're an aol user you definitely want aol for palm v3.0 even though it's $20 it's worth it.
    You can use but it's a pain in the ***!
    T750 w/Cingular
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