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    IPANEL WIRELESS browser offers java script now. you can now trade on ameritrade and use interactive images! good program. I loved blazer and am loyal to handspring, but I had to switch over to ipanel for $24.95. you'll love it.
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    Beware. Only after I downloaded the trial version AND installed it did I discover it was a beta version. No mention anywhere on Palmgear or Handango that it was beta. I should have deleted it when I saw that because on the 2nd day of use the software totally crashed my Treo 300. Had to hard reset it and start all over. While the feature set appears good I would wait until a more mature non beta solid version is available. The Readme file I had was dated April 8, 2003.
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    I used IPanel for a while and didn't find any particular advantages to an already existing Xiino/Blazer combo and I trashed it.

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