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    I'll try to keep this as short as possible:

    I wanted to access something on my Sprint account online, can't remember what it was, that needed my PCS Vision Password. Wouldn't take my PCS Vision password (which I knew was the right password), but allowed me in with the security question. Since it wasn't taking my password, once I was in I figured I should set it to something new. When I tried to do that, told me I couldn't use that password because I'd used it before (which I hadn't, because I've only had one password). After I tried to change it twice more, got a database error and the site locked up. Tech support said something like it looks like I'd changed the password several times. If the computer tells me it can't change the password, that doesn't sound to me like the password was changed.

    Phone works, PDA functions work, but can't connect to PCS Vision.

    Went through 3 different level 2 techs over a period of 3 days, then eventually to a programmer, who still couldn't get it to work. He told me to go to a Sprint store to swap it out for a new one. After calling 3 Sprint stores, and exlaining what I wanted to do, found a store that had it in stock. Of course, it wasn't the closest one to me. After waiting in line for a half hour, they told me I can't trade it for a new one, but they'd have a refurbished unit sent to my house! Why the hell couldn't the Sprint support people do that for me instead of wasting another 2 hours of my time on top of the past 3 days?

    Tried one other avenue... I bought a Best Buy extended warranty with my Treo. Problem is, Best Buy no longer sells the Treo. They tried to give me some piece of crap Samsung whose design looked like it was 2-3 years old. They told me that ugly thing is outselling the Treo!

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    i changedmine yesterday and re provisioned. it took about 10min for everything to work
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    What a terrible experience! I can't believe you had to go through all of that simply because you tried to change your password. Boy Sprint's systems must be really wacky if one person can breeze right through a simple thing like that and another person is completely screwed. With MY luck I woukd be the one to get screwed like you did so trust me, I will never willingly try to change my password!
    I have found Sprint support to be either very good ... or really horrible. You never know and it is that inconsistency that scares me. I do hope you get resolution that you are happy with.
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    I changed my Vision pasword too but not without a little pain! I changed my email name and my password within 5 minutes of eachother, and the password took from what the sprint wireless web rep saw but the info did not get pushed to my phone in over 2 hours. Finally the wireless web rep pushed it again and everything was fine. I've since changed the email name (but not the password) a second time and the info was automatically pushed to my phone within a minute or so. The lesson: if you change it and your phone does not tell you to answer yes to do an "update", then wait 2 hours and then call sprint saying "wireless web" to Claire (the automated call answerer). This ww rep can see your password (while other types of specialists cannot). Once they notice that you are typing the right thing but it is not working, they will push your password change to your phone and all will work perfectly within minutes! Don't be afraid to change your password, but give yourself 2+ hour of time when you can do without internet access on your phone in case things go wrong. The 2 hour wait is in the script that the reps seen to have to follow, just in case the provisioning folks are not on the ball. This seems to be a manual step that a hunan in their provisioning department has to perform, and I think this might be the weak point that causes pain for some people changing their passwords and/or email addresses.

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    The bottom line to me is not trust the online database. It told me it was doing one thing, when in fact it was doing something completely different. Now I have to give up my perfectly fine hardware for a refurbished unit.

    Not exactly confidence inspiring!
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    What does it mean "change your E-mail name" ?

    I see where I can change the address that people reply to, but is there any way to change my actual e-mail address?

    Sick of being

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    change your username. It's been a while since I changed mine back in November. After setting up my Vision account password, I think I waited a few days to make sure vision was working properly. Then I went into my vision account on the Sprint website and changed my vision 'username' before I went to bed. The next day when I turned on wireless, vision was reprovisioned (can't remember if I had to soft reset) and my new username appears on the 'Connection in Progress' screen. Pretty painless. However, you might need customer service (which I did) to reset your vision password manually for '' email to work. Unless they figured how to fix this. Good luck.
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    8 days and counting...

    Have a replacement refurbished Treo. Unfortunately, I still can't connect to PCS Vision. Sprint store says it's a local problem. No provisioning in Orlando area. They have no idea when it will be fixed.

    Anyone know if I could drive somewhere else and get it through provisioning?

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