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    Type underscore *_* in my Treo 300?? I can't find it in the keypad nor the manual...


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    press the blue shift key and the "f" key followed by the "...0" key.
    This will give you the option to select the underscore by scrolling down to it and than press the space bar.
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    Hold down the blue "function" key and hit f. Then hit the 0 key and select the symbol using the jog wheel.
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    First, type a dash (Option then F).
    Then hit the dot-dot-dot key (AKA ListType key. It is the one next to the space bar).
    A list of alternate characters will pop up. The underscore is the second one in that list.

    There is an alternate character list for most of the characters on the keyboard. You move up and down in the list using the up and down scroll buttons. You can choose the alternate character you want by hitting space or return. Also, I've found that you can type the next character you want to type (continue typing) to choose from the alternate character list and both the alternate character and the next character will be inserted into the text.

    There should be a program on your Treo named "Keyboard". It is a tutorial that will show you how to use the Treo's keyboard. I suggest that you check it out.
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    You are guys are great!! thank you so much for the quick replies, I really appreciate it.

    I found the underscore
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    May I make a suggestion? Could you please use a more descriptive subject? You could put "How do I type an underscore?" as the subject.

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