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    Greetings everyone.

    I've just joined the ranks of Treo 300 owners and this is my first post here (you can still me on the, TabletPCBuzz or Toshiba E740 forums too). I've enabled the Sprint Business Connection service & successfully connected to my IMAP Exchange Server and sent a test email.

    It appeared quickly, but also had a nice signature line appended to it:

    "This email was wirelessly enabled by Sprint PCS. Learn more....."

    I can't see where I can delete this signature file. Also, the Vision Tech support person I called said it can't be deleted. Naturally, I'm thinking there is a way, hence this post.

    Any ideas?

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    can you use some other email application with the service? (Like palm eudora or snappermail?) They both allow you to customize the signature line.
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    I only get those when I send it from the website.
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    ahhh... I'll bet those _can't_ be modified then. (I don't know, not being a sprint user myself).

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