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    Anyone have a problem charging your phone while in use in the car? It's impossible to use my phone with the factory headset plugged in with the unit charging (in the car).

    The battery indicator will go from flashing green, to flashing red (if "extremely low battery"), to solid red, to solid green... and so forth and so on. It's obviously a problem with the adapter/voltage. When I turn the phone mode off (log off pcs), the treo charges plenty fine. Go figure.

    Quite annoying. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thx ...
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    Sounds like a bad connection with the charger. The only time something similar happened to me was the charger was not fully inserted into the car power port (the spring seems to make it want to come very easily).
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    Sprint supplied chargers with Treo 300 in the early days were pretty bad and Sprint swapped mine out for a good one. Sounds like you have the problem I had. Complain to a Sprint store or call support to get a new one. If you dont have the patience for this, the one from Handspring accessory store online is very good. I bought this one and then got the replacement from Sprint - I prefer the one from Handspring anyhow - it is better build quality.

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