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    The support provided for my Treo270 in Australia SUCKS. I had a backlight failure. Brightpoint their agents first lost my Treo. Then only once I got them searching found it again and sent me back a worse very faulty replacement. I sent it back and now I am unable to get confirmation or a date for a repair return, even though I was promised by the manager that today would be the latest I could expect it.
    When I rang them today I was told the girl was sick and the manager away. So no one could help me. I really rely on this product but with service backup like this must consider the wiseness of my purchase. I will never again buy or recommend a Handspring product in Australia. They really need a better
    partner here servicing or will fail to penetrate the market.
    I am a very dissatified TREO HANDSPRING EX-customer
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    Have you sent an e-mail to the main handspring customer service center. I would hope they would care if the customer service arrangements they made somewhere were bad... (Maybe they don't, but I'd give them a chance.) You might even complain to upper management too.

    Of course none of that helps your immeadiate situation. I'm sorry if the service made it impossible to rely on a Treo. They are cool little devices. I do understand you dilema though.
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    Oh Yes - I have sent an email to Handspring. Got back a curt standard "Thanks for the information and sorry for the inconvenience" reply. I had to ring up the manager of their local service and he told me today that they were not sure if they have sent me a Treo back or not. Promised to personally get one off to me even though this was against good business practice.

    I ask you - First they lose mine, then can't confirm they have sent one back to me and then do me a "favour" and send me another.

    Again I am forced to state -

    Handspring Service In Australia Sucks

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    yup... sounds pretty pathetic. At least you're getting another Treo now.
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    Ain't got it yet - just living on hope and a prayer

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