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    I use my Treo 270 here in Australia and I cannot find anything better sofar what with the Palm system and having a keyboard, ease of use, etc. But what is coming up that is better either with the treo or some other make/model ? It would have to have about the same capabilities of the 270 but I would like Bluetooth for one thing and maybe more capacity (ram) and maybe an expansion slot plus a voice recorder and also voice dialling.

    Does anyone have any news on what is coming up or in fact on the market now that compares better than the Treo 270 (or 300 I guess is also the same thing in the States) we do not have the 300 model here and that is a specific carrier orientated model I think but is otherwise the same product.
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    the 270 and 300 are basically the same priduct that work under different mobile system (gsm and cdma).

    we are all waiting for the new device that should be out sometime later this year (someppl say by september we should hear more about it).

    There are a couple of threads on this site that discusss some some of the rumors so far.

    do a search for "handspring conferance/earnings call" and you might find a thread or two on the subject.
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