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    I have slowly been leaning towards a PDA/Phone combo, unfortunately for me my current carrier (Verizon) only has the Kyocera and it is verrrry expensive (and no keyboard).

    And today I stumbled on the Amazon deal...$150 with rebates. And I've got 2 hours left to decide....

    I switched from Palm to PPC 2 years ago, but I have never fully used the extended functions...Word/Excel on a PPC? I'm not a phone junkie, and I love the idea of only carrying one device.

    I'm actually willing to take a $$ hit to drop Verizon, but are there any true downsides I should know about? I know the battery life is not great, but frankly my Audiovox 9500 has awful battery life.

    My intended uses:

    Standard PDA (Outlook?)
    Vindigo (addicted for a long time...)
    Verichat (to keep track of my kids while traveling <grin>.
    Regular phone
    Checking email while on the road

    Oh, and do folks recommend the $4/month replacement deal from Sprint?

    Any input would be appreciated!

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    All the current TREO models have been discontinued by Handspring, though still available. Unless you are in a rush you might want to wait for the NEXT one or choose a different brand entirely if you do not want to get an obsolete-at-purchase-time communicator.
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    Hi SV,

    Yeah, I had noticed all the rumbling about new models (both Treo and PPC). Even Verizon (for once) is talking about new phones.

    As a dedicated "gadgeteer" however, I have a real aversion to buying new models of *anything*. It seems that the first revisions of many new products are closer to betas than prime time and given that this will be a crucial item for me it seemed more prudent to stick with the more mature 300. Not to mention that I don't want to pay the extra $$ for the new versions.

    I'm also trying to "simplify" things, I have learned that I don't tend to take advantage of many of the whiz-bang aspects of my PPC.

    Now with my computer and camera equipment it's a different story.

    In any case, Microcenter lists the Treo 300 for $399 (without Sprint rebate), I'll see if Best Buy or CC will pricematch and get some extended protection as well.


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    Well, has once again extended the rebate... except this time the rebate is $50 less (so you'll pay $50 more). In other words, you can still get the Sprint Treo 300 from for $199.
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    Hi scotty,

    That's a good point, I actually checked the next day out of curiousity and saw the $199 deal.

    I was actually successful at getting circuit city to pricematch our local microcenter price of $399 so after the Sprint reate the final cost will be $200 which I think is a good deal. Plus with circuit city their "protection" warranty has been useful in the past for trade-ups.

    The best would have been to get a local Sprint office to Pricematch but they're a little cranky around here with that.

    So now I have to start my "re-conversion" to Palm, browsing PalmGear was a real blast from the past and I had forgotten how much I liked the Palm-oriented medical apps.

    This weekend's goal: Email!


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