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    Howdy. It's been awhile sinec I posted so I thought I'd check and see if anyone has a solution to this prob yet:

    Though the Treo shows itself as "on" the vision network (green arrows), it actually isn't sometimes. It's says I'm connected but when trying to goto a webpage it takes forever and then pops up an error screen. The only way to help that is to "sign off" then sign back on when using blazer. Now this only happens when you don't use the vision service for a few hours. I read somewhere that it is a bug: That the phone says it's "on" the network when actually it's signs itself "off" after a few hours or so.

    I know this ihas been talked about in other threads, but I wondering if anyone actually has a fix or good work around.

    The really lame part is that when you know it's trying to connect to a web page in vain, you can't stop it. It freezes up until it's finished timing out. Grrrrrr

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    I get this from time to time. When in blazer, I just hit the disconnect, to stop the attempts to grab data, and then re-do the sign on process. I think that's overall faster than waiting and waiting, and then having the connection tell me it can't grab data, and that Blazer can't download the page.
    Don't really know of a true solution.
    (posted via the Treo)
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    What do you mean by " I just hit the disconnect"? When it is trying in vain I try to hit the red cancel button I'm the lower left corner of the screen, but nothing happens! It is as if the treo is locked up until I get the long awaited "Blazer could not connect" screen. Do you mean /D combination?
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    yes - I do mean :menu: D. I also try for the red circle X thing in the lower left hand part of the screen, but that's a no-go, so ya gotta sometimes just go with the :menu: D.

    I guess the issue is that there seems to be a conflict with what the phone THINKS is happening, vs what's really happening, data connection-wise.
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    red circle X thing does n't work for me and niether does /D. Nothing responds, not even closing the lid or hitting power off, until it is finished timing out. The only thing that responds is hitting the reset button. This of course would make things just take longer.

    btw- how do you make the "/" character as in the /D (to disconnect) on a normal qwerty keyboard? or on treo keyboard?
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    the little :menu: mark is on the lower right portion of the keyboard - next to the Zero of the dialpad. It has the little blue house on it (which means, when pressed in conjunction with the little blue key, you'll go to the home app launcher).

    It should be pretty obvious, actually....

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