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    Ok.... I have a dilemma. In addition to my Treo 300, i also own a Tungsten C. I installed the Palm Desktop software on my PC here at work when i got my Tungsten C. Normally I just kep the Treo 300 at home. Anyhow, now I have the Treo 300 here with me at work and I am trying to HotSync two .prc files to my Treo 300, but I think the fact that my PC here at work only recognizes my Tungsten C, and not my Treoo, is what is keeping me from being able to install the files to my Treo 300.

    What the heck should I do.... I am a novice to all of this so please help me out ASAP if you can!
    thanks in advance.

    Sir Robin
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    You will have to do a little magic with your Palm Desktop install to get the driver files that include the Treo 300 drivers. I am surprised tha the Tungsten C driver does not work - Palm is supposed to have universal drivers now for all previous devices. In short, if you want to synch with the 300 you have to install its version of Palm Desktop (which installs its .sys driver file for HS Manager).

    On another tack, why dont you simply install the files on to the C and then use BeamBox to beam them to the Treo 300. save yourself a oad of hassle this way.

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