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    At the price I paid for the Treo, I expected a complete communication suite that works like the suite of the 9210, at no extra cost.

    I missed reading my IMAP/Exchange email. I'm tired of downloading demo softwares which don't even come close to the simplicity and elegance of the 9210 messaging software.

    I missed doing group SMS.

    I missed browsing the many web pages that the browser in 9210 can browse but which Blazer can't. I am reduced to doing WAP browsing.

    I missed the Office suite already bundled in the 9210.

    So, now, I am back to using two phones. Why do I need to spend additional money for software I don't even like when I have them on my 9210? Defeats the original purpose of my purchase but I don't want to invest any further.

    I use the Treo 270 for most occassions, including reading the Bible, reading ebooks, Daily Bible Text, and Games.

    I couldn't believe that I missed those when I did my evaluation.

    For the meantime, instead of having one device, I carry the other one for the times I need those functionalities.
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    ... at 158cm x 56cm x 27cm, the Nokia is the size of a small house.

    For that size I would expect all that stuff + a camera + MP3 player (which it hasn't got) + all the other things one could fit into a small house.

    I would expect the new Treo to have all the 9210 has to offer plus some - all packaged neatly into something that actually fits in your pocket.

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