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    I used to do it all the time on my I300, but this phone doesn't seem to actually dial out the second call, it just sits there saying 3way but never dials the second call.

    Anyone got any ideas.
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    Yeah, I've used it many times.

    Most of the time I use the phonebook. I've got 1 call going, I flip to the phonebook and tap the 3rd person's # to call. A screen pops up asking if I want to dial a 2nd #, I say yes. It then puts the first call on hold and dials the 2nd call. I normally wait for the 2nd call to pick up before I tap the 3-way button. Once I do, we're all on. I've tapped the 3-way button while the 2nd call was still dialing and I've found that it normally disconnects the 2nd call and I'm back to the first person.
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    Yeah if you manually put them on hold and dial the second person then it automatically starts the 3way when dial the second number. I'll use your way it sounds better.
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    Good advice on the three-way call.

    It there a way to hang up on the attempted second call? For example, I tried to bring in the second person but the I got the second person's voice mail. I couldn't figure out how to disconnect from the person's voice mail without dropping the entire call.

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