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    I purchased a Treo 90 030203. I love this product. The only real problem I had with it was that the stylus would get progressively loose. I had heard about the tape method but only recently stumbled onto this site to find out that it was a manufacturers defect. I tried contacting tech support, but they wanted to charge me for the service call. I was appalled. I got a hold of customer care and a very nice lady helped me out, and told me that a new Treo was on its way, and I would send my old unit back within 14 days of receiving the new unit. The new Treo came 2 days ago, and now the new screen is non-functional. I tried calling back the Customer Care center, but they now seem unwilling to help me. I set up an RMA online but I don't wish to send my old unit back yet. I am having difficulty justifying a fee based service call when I am still under warranty. All I really want to do is get a hold of someone at handspring to straighten things out. I really like the product, but their support has been really difficult to deal with. any sugestions?
    Thanks in advance,
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    i would recommend calling them and explaining the situation -- that you want to send the new unit back for a different replacement for the loose stylus. just make sure they make a note in your account that you're sending in the new unit and not your original one. they should be able to work something out for you.
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    Thanks, I talked to them today. I can't send the new unit in the old box, so an new box is coming, and I don't have to send the older unit out until I get a "new" replacement. Their tech support is wierd. Sometimes I get a very helpful individual, other times, they want me to directly go to the fee based tech support line (shouldn't that be only for out of warranty machines?). Anyway, thanks for the support.

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    I found the best way to access HS support is by email first. They reply in 24 hours, sometimes with incredibly detailed fixes that have always worked. If it's a hardware issue, they assign you an RMA #. It makes getting through other support a breeze.

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