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    Ok my battery lasts like two hours in standby when it's out of range. I dl/d treohelper which is supposed to turn off the phone when it detects 3 minutes of no network. This feature isn't working, has anybody got it to work?
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    Please give me an example of what it does, doesn't do?

    From your message, you have this set right?

    Phone off if no coverage in: 3 min

    Is the Max tries ... every ... set also? That is for attempts to turn it back on again.
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    Yeah but after 3 min of no coverage the phone never turns off, thus my battery dies within 2 hours.
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    What version of TreoHelper?
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    Treohelper is great. Some things you might want to consider:

    Let us know when you release a new version (which seems to happen a lot!)

    Provide some documentation on what some of the options are/do. I've had to guess and am not sure. I tried looking at your source code but you don't comment it enough to help there !
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    Treohelper did shut my treo off today so I guess it is working, maybe I was in and out of range so that made it never turn it off.

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