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    Is there a Palm systemwide program out there that will give my new 300 some more font options? I would love something like the "cleartype" program for Pocket PC to "smooth" the edges of the letters out.
    Also, increasing font size for Blazer, or another web browser would be great. Any ideas??
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    Try Fonthack and look for Jfonts too. Both are at I think. Fonthack may not work on every app. Most apps have the ability to set the fonts to one of the four palm fonts. It would probably be easier to change these than try to hack fonts. Though fonthack and fonts are fun to load and play with for a while until you realize the built in palm fonts are easier to read.

    The smoothness of the edges is a screen issue. You might find a font with more squared corners, which would be less easy to read but would look more hi-res.

    I think Blazer specifically sets the fonts of the html tags in the web pages themselves, so there might be nothing you can do about that.

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    I use FontHack, with great success, for the most part. The only conflict I've found with the Treo (I've been using Fonthack for a few years, on my previous various Palm devices) is when reading ebooks via PalmDigitalMedia. Every now and then a line is clipped off when scrolling down a page. Not a huge issue.

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