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    What is the best way to protect these hinges. That is my biggest concern as a new Treo owner. Am I going to be looking at replacements through Sprint? Refurbished models with questionable battery life, each time that I accidently drop or bump the unit?
    Would a case protect it from these hairline cracks that develop into lid breaks? The case the Sprint carries is'nt much more than a 1/2 cover holster. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The large screen for email & browser is great ( without having to carry a Pocket PC at 6-7 oz. ).
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    There isn't anything available, in the way that you would think. I have the convertable flip case, which covers the flip with leather, but that doesn't really protect the mechanism.

    You see, the problem isn't protecting the flip when the cover is closed. It is pretty well out of the way when it is closed. The hinge usually gets damaged in the other direction, when it is open. The biggest stress on the hinge is when it is open, and you are pressing the phone closely to your ear. I have never seen a flip break forward (towards the closed position), it always seems to break backwards.

    So, in short, there is only one way of protecting your flip. Use a hands free head set, and keep the flip closed as much as you can.
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    That the only suggestion? Any good cases out there? How does the Caseworks protect the hinge??
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    Here's what I did - my hinge was beginning to crack at both corners.

    I took some double-sided sticky tape, and cut a thin strip and stuck it to the little ridge that sticks up above the hinge (that the lid rests against when it's open). I made the strip of tape narrow enough not to reach the cracks, rather it's in the middle of them.

    So now the lid rests against the tape in the middle, so less pressure is put on the cracks, especially if the phone is dropped.
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    Can anyone post a picture of where these cracks are occuring (and in particular a pic of your tape solution)

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    I just had my second Treo 300 lid break. Same exact spot. I thought it was my fault the first time. This time, I am sure it was not. I think it is fine to take precautions to protect the hinge as much as you can, and I do. But I think there is a problem that Handspring needs to address.

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