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    I was originally going to buy Soney's new PEG-TG50 model, which has a built-in thumboard. Sure, the TG50 has built-in Bluetooth and a MP3 player, but I looked at how often I might use these features and decided the cost differential between the TG50 and the Treo wasn't worth it.

    Besides, the thumboard on the TG50 sucks. For seven a half bills (Canadian) you'd think a decent thumboard would come as part of the package. But no.

    The more I use my Treo 90, the more I like it. The colour screen is bright and clear, and quite acceptable even if it doesn't quite match the Sony's smoothness and brilliance. But the alarms are loud enough, and I really like the 90's light weight, compact, easily pocketable size (hell, it fits into the coin pocket of my jeans!!) and easy-to-use thumboard.

    I miss the jog-wheel on my old Sony S320 a bit, but I find that adapting to the Treo's navigational system is getting easier. In some ways, it's better than the Sony. For instance, when playing
    a game of chess in Chess Genius, all I have to do to get a hint is press the 'menu' button, then type 'H'. It's a lot easier than using the stylus to hit the title bar and then drag the highlight bar down to the desired menu choice.

    Typing is a breeze. Sentences are automatically started with an initial cap, special symbols and characters are a little easier to get to, and I find I can enter more data faster and easier.

    I've owned several PDA's in the recent past, beginning with a Palm Pilot 5000 and even a couple of Windows CE devices. But out of all of them, the Treo is the best. It's a shame the Treo 90 didn't sell better, because minus the jog wheel and a couple of other minor deficiencies, it's a pretty solid PDA.
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    Look into Correct Hack (automatic shortcuts), Shortcutz (Card apps listed in any launcher) Lazy Launcher (a simpler faster launcher from a popup list), and ClockPop. They'll make your 90 even more valuable to you.

    I've been considering switching to the new Tungsten C (400MHz Processor, 56M Ram) but losing the smaller size of the Treo and Handspring's detail to function has held me back.

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