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    Does anyone know of a email program that would allow me to open jpegs, pdf's, etc. on my TREO?
    Stanley Lumax
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    Adobe Acrobat has a Reader for Palm OS that can be used to view PDFs. You first have to compress them on your PC and then you upload the modified files to the PDA. It works very well.

    SplashPhoto is an excellent application for viewing JPEGs. You might also try can also use JpegWatch Lite from HandWatch. They have a pretty good viewer.

    I hope this helps.
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    The above answer is not entirely correct with respect to Snappermail; Snappermail sends attachments with a .pdf extension to a pdf reader, if you have it installed, but at least until yesterday Adobe Acrobat Reader for Palm (and all other .pdf viewer apps I'm familiar with) was not capable of reading native .pdf files, i.e. without having them translated to a special Palm format via a desktop conduit app.

    I was hoping that the next version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for Palm would be able to read .pdf files without translation so that I can use Snappermail to read my .pdf email attachments. I don't see any mention of this in the documentation (the next version is out today) though.

    BTW, Snappermail rocks; when I find native, non-conduit .tif and .pdf viewers my mobile email "fat client" quest will be complete.
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