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    RIM Blackberry Software on Your Palm
    By: pdaBlast! Staff
    May 6, 2003

    PalmSource has announced that Palm OS licensees can use RIM's BlackBerry wireless email software in their Palm OS handhelds and smart phones.

    Research in Motion will bring its wireless e-mail software to Palm devices through the BlackBerry Connect licensing program. Users can send and receive e-mail from a wireless device and access corporate data with the software.

    The deal is a non-exclusive deal for both companies. In fact, PalmSource has another deal with Good Technology to promote Goodlink software on Palm OS handhelds as well.

    Will this work w/our Treo?
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    This is old (last week), and really not relevant to the Treo you and I have. Here's how things would have to shake out for you to have the RIM software (specifically) on your device:

    A licensee would have to agree to use it. In our case, Handspring. Will they? Who knows. They already have license deals for other e-mail/server programs (TreoMail/Visto is one of them, and Visto - - offers an always-on, push e-mail function that is virtually identical to BlackBerry). So - that's a major unknown.

    Provided you had a device with the RIM licensed software on it, you'd then have to have your corporate IT folks agree to put the RIM software on the Exchange server, for you to receive your Exchange mail pushed ot to you, without having to leave your PC connected and redirecting mail that way. That's often a deal-breaker for a lot of people. My IT people said - umm..dude, like NO WAY.

    The planets would also have to align at the carrier level; presently, RIM uses - I think..what, the MobiTex paging network? (help me here, folks - if I'm wrong, let me know). I know that RIM typically uses like Cingular or some other pager-type carrier to carry their signal. Would Sprint go for that? Would it matter? Would we/could we use a RIM-equipped Treo X00 with Sprint's network? And would that happen in our lifetimes?

    Bottom line - spend no brain cells (I've already used up too many typing this blasted message) on this issue of RIM and the Treo. If it ever happens, deal with it then. No telling what the world will look like by that time....

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