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    I have a Treo 180 and have AT&T GSM service. When I try to install GPRS software it reads my carrier and denies the instillation. There are now three versions of the software tied to the current carriers, of course no AT&T support yet.
    Any ideas?
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    Use the Cingular gprs file and follow the directions here:

    You need to download the modified currentcarrier.pdb file to fool the installer so that you can install the upgrade using an AT&T SIM.
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    Thanks fpr the advice,
    I have to admit after reading the instructions it appears some people have dead treo's, it scares me a little what do you think?
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    It's actually very easy to do and shouldn't cause any problems.
    I've ran the upgrade a few times on different treos without a glitch.

    Don't hold me responsible though!
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    Worked like a charm. Got to admit there were some moments there the old pulse went up with all the waiting but now I am browsing away

    Thanks again
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    I just swiched from Cingular to ATT and cannot get on the Intenet at all (Phone works). Message says, "Dialing Earthlink", but nothing connects. I ask ATT if I had Circuit switched data on my account. They said ATT does not use that. They us "mLife" but they do not support Handspring Treo 180. There must be a way for me to get on the Internet, send and receive e-mail. Any ideas out there?
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    I am hardly an expert on this, but I would follow the instructions above and you should be in good shape. I am guessing that if you do a hard reset you will get rid of all the cingular stuff and follow the instructions from there.

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