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    Hi. Sometimes my Visor Pro PDA with VisorPhone module has a fatal error (requires hard reset) when some text messages are sent to it. After reset I am requested to get the stored message off the SIM card. If I select "OK" I always get the message "Error while decoding message."

    I looked at the "About SMS" feature on the phone and the software is identified as: SMS Application 1.0.

    Is there a later version of the SMS software or can you suggest any way I can resolve this problem? Maybe the message has some graphics?
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    OK - It turns out that I am getting a Fatal Error when a text is sent to me in 2 parts (i.e. too long a message for a single SMS text).

    I want to be able to read these.

    Normal phones just display long texts as 2 (or more) messages. I can send a long text and the VisorPhone will split the message into 2 (or more) messages for transmission.

    So what's its problem doing the reverse. Anyone else experiencing this? Can I fix it?

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