Initially, I looked at getting a Sony Clié PEG-TG50. The size was right, the 320 X 320 pixel screen is a joy to behold, and it has a built in MP3 player.

I settled for a Treo90 instead. The reasons: It's cheaper. By about half. It has a much better thumboard. The screen is acceptably bright and colourful, even if it doesn't have the Sony's high resolution.

My Treo does have some flaws, though. It's very small, and the case is a bit slippery. I'm sometimes afraid I'm going to drop it.

I really miss the jog wheel on my old Sony Clié S320. The screen is all but unreadable in bright daylight, even in shade. If I put the Treo in a pants pocket, it invariably gets turned on because one of the Memo, ToDo, power or other buttons gets pushed.

On the other hand, the keyboard works much better than the Targus thumboard I bought to go with my S320. So much so that it makes me want to use my Treo. It's so light I can throw it into a pocket and not really realize it's there. Amazingly, the Treo is so small it fits into the coin pocket of my jeans. Sure, it's a tight but
snug fit.

Looks like I'll have to get a case to solve the inadvertent power-up problem. But once I do, the Treo will become my trusty sidekick.