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    I am frustrated with the app Treo300SMS, that I downloaded from Occasionally, someone will send a text to my phone number, but my Treo will simply say that I have a message just like before I installed this app. Later, I will randomly get the message. Does this sounds familiar to anyone or has anyone had other problems with this SMS manager? Any suggestions for a better one?
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    This is more than not a Sprint problem. Treo300SMS has nothing to do with it.
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    I think that problem is inherent in Sprint's system, not the Treo300SMS product. VERY frustrating since sometimes things come quickly but you can't rely on it such as is necessary for most business uses.

    I've switched to Verichat --- great product! You have to convince anyone else you text to to get one of the messaging products on their PC or cell phone to be compatable though.

    Overall SMS on Sprint is a sorry state of affairs. I switched from T-Mobile which was infinitely better and I miss it quite a bit.

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