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    As most of us know, if you simply enter Blazer will divert you to a semi-useless WAP site. It is possible to get to the regular eBay site "through the back door", but the "my eBay" and "sign in" buttons on top don't work because of the way Blazer (mis)handles images.

    I think I've found the workaround. Entering this URL will enable you to access the "my Ebay" page directly:

    Be sure to copy the URL exactly; I recommend cutting it, pasting it into your email, sending it to your email on the Treo, and then cutting and pasting it into Blazer.

    This will take you to the sign-in page, from which you can access the "my eBay" page with all the stuff you're bidding and watching.

    From there, clicking on your auctions takes you to the pages of the individual items. From there the buttons for placing a bid worked fine for me.

    Once in the regular (non-WAP) eBay site, you can also search for items and those pages will show up fine, and you can bid from them. At least IME.

    Incidentally, the way I got into the non-WAP eBay site "through the back door" was to do a search (on Yahoo) for ebay. Clicking on the link caused the WAP site to come up -- but clicking on Yahoo's "cached" eBay site brought up the regular eBay page! Clever, eh! From there, I was able to search for items. In placing a bid on an item, I was asked to sign in, and after bidding I was given a working link (as opposed to a non-working, broken-by Blazer image link) to "my eBay". You can do this on the fly if you don't have the above URL bookmarked.

    By the way, I also tried Xiino. The "sign in", etc. links at the top of the page are tiny, but work, and I was able to view auctions and bid with Xiino as well. However, at some point Xiino stopped being able to load eBay; the browser would just hang. I don't know if that was due to temporary network congestion or what, but I was able to get Blazer working as described above shortly after Xiino hung up. I'm sticking with Blazer for eBay as long as it continues to work.
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    If I want to acces ebay, I just use the following mobile site or just use the Ebay PQA.
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    My DSL line went out this afternoon as I was about to bid on an auction that was closing. Thanks to your tip I whipped out the Treo, called up My eBay, bid and won the auction. Thanks!
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    Originally posted by Acujimmy
    As most of us know, if you simply enter [url]

    I think I've found the workaround. Entering this URL will enable you to access the "my Ebay" page directly:

    Be sure to copy the URL exactly; I recommend cutting it, pasting it into your email, sending it to your email on the Treo, and then cutting and pasting it into Blazer.

    You're a genius! I have been looking for a way to bid on Ebay on my Treo for almost six months. Their WAP site was absolutely worthless and your way worked perfectly.

    Now the challenge is to keep my day job so I can afford my Ebay addiction!

    Thanks a million.
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    There is a Palm PQA download out there that will work on treo's so that you can run the Palm PQA's on your treo which will allow super quick access to some of the top internet sites, i have it on mine and it works great.

    If anyone knows what it is please post it.
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    Hey just to update guys...I just ran across this app called Abidia Mobile that makes usign Ebay a breeze:

    Abidia Mobile brings the experience of online auctions including eBay to the palm of your hand. Experience the freedom that only a mobile device can offer. For all of your online auction needs, use Abidia Mobile to manage your auctions for you. While on or offline, you can easily check the status of an auction on sites such as eBay and Yahoo! Auctions and bid on any auction you desire. Abidia Mobile brings the experience of online auctions into the palm of your hand.
    Looks, like a cool way to manage your auctions for you hard core ebay people!
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    Anyone tried the Ebay link provided via the Handspring bookmark that comes with the Treo 300? It's under the mobile sites for Treo/ more sites. How does it compare to the other links provided above?
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    I used this "back door" method to access My Ebay and it worked fine... the first time. Then on the subsequent attempt I received messages indicating that my unit was not accepting cookies. Of course, I checked in the settings to determine whether this was the case, and I did have it set to accept cookies. This all occurred a couple weeks ago. Since then, it has been completely hit or miss as to whether or not I can login to My Ebay. I have tried a multitude of paths to get in, for example:

    go directly to the link below

    go to ebay, search items, try to add to my watchlist, login to My Ebay from there

    go to ebay, search items, try to "contact seller", login to My Ebay from there

    change settings to NOT accept cookies, try logging in (fail), reset settings to accept cookies, try refreshing and logging in from there

    ... etc.

    The bottom line is that nothing I've tried works consistently on my particular treo. It appears to be - literally - completely random. I would say that I am able to log into My Ebay only about 20% of the times that I try. Needless to say, it is EXTREMELY frustrating that it is soooo inconsistent.

    Then, on some occasions where I do get in, if I try to view one of the items in My Ebay list, good old Blazer tells me it can't download the page because perhaps "the site [i.e. ebay] is experiencing problems" blah blah blah. Yeah right.

    So, has anyone had this experience, where sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't? What "Cache Size" do you typically set? Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

    I can honestly say that accessing ebay was the single major reason I bought this thing, and this has been rather disappointing so far.
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    You may also want to try It has a site that works with Palm devices. It also has a (paid for, with free trials) feature that will go in and bid at the last minute so that you can make certain that you get an item you want.

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    Thanks Acujimmy. This link actually works. I just clicked it within my PDA and it brought me to eBay's site.

    I have not placed a bid. I will keep you updated.
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    This sometimes work and sometimes it doesn't. It is very inconsistent. One minute I am bidding, then next minute I could not. Blazer keeps saying page is not available.

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