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    Warning! Newbie here. Longtime WinCE/PocketPC user. First time Palm user.

    I got my Treo yesterday and mainly with the help of this forum, I've been able to send and receive email from the coffee shop on the corner, browse the web, download my favorite games, and do some tweaking. Fun! And, thanks!

    This morning I have two questions. My Treo is beeping. A very quiet single beep every 15 seconds. I cannot figure out where in the heck it is coming from or how to stop it. It happens in wireless mode only. So I'm thinking it might be some kind of Sprint warning? Anyone have any idea and/or can help me with what other information I should provide to make the question better?

    And, new topic, when syncing is done, I can't figure out why the syncing screen just sits there with no expected options. I don't need it any more and would expect it to just go away or give me an X or a Quit or something like that. I've crawled all over the documentation and I'm sure it's in there somewhere and I'm not seeing it... but what do I do when the sync is done? Anything?

    Thanks and thanks for all the helpful stuff here.
    susan dennis
    seattle, WA
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    Hi Susan,
    After the hotsync it is normal for the screen to just shut off after a moment. There really are no options other than being able to view the log of the hotsync process to see if everything synched OK. If it's all ok, then your sync went well. The screen state after the sync is normal.
    Sometimes you will get a beep on the desktop notifying you of something you should be aware of that occurred during the hotsync. A detail of sync activity is available in the log on the desktop.

    The beeping every fifteen seconds is a separate issue I believe. Does it happen *exactly* 15 seconds apart?
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    Thanks for clearing up the sync screen thing. You know a newbie - we come with zero patience! It never occurred to me to wait and see if the screen went away. duh.

    And, yes, the beep is a separate issue. I'm beginning to believe it is connected to a weak wireless situation. Yes, it is very consistent - exactly every 15 seconds (by my scientific one thousand, two thousand count).

    It's happening here at my desk which is very dicey in terms of Sprint reception. When I turn off wireless, the beep goes away. I need to do some experimentation. And I will.

    susan dennis
    seattle, WA
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    Go into the ringer prefs and turn off the service tone. That's the source.
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    Heya Susan, Glad you found us and you switched from the dark side (pocket PC LOL). I am a windows user, like you, I found it strange that you can just leave an app w/o closing it or what ever. I have been using palm OS stuff for almost 2 years now and it's second nature, but everyonce and a while I still catch myself for a second thinking that if I don't close, exit or save (like in Windows on a PC) that I will loose somehthing....LOL, I have found the Palm OS is pretty smart and will warn you or prompt you before you can loose something.
    My 2-cents and aint the Treo cool, Matt Burkhard

    have you looked into some programs like Button-T, TreoAlrtMgr or Treo300SMS yet?
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    Kurt, Perfect! You nailed it. Thanks!! No more beeping. I remember turning that perf on last night thinking 'wonder what that does???!!'

    Matt, Thanks! It is really amazingly intuitive. The syncing alone is kind of miraculous compared to the dark side. When it worked the first time (both at home and at work), I was shocked.

    I have actually found Button-T and Treo300SMS already but I'm off now to track down TreoAlrtMgr! Thanks for the tip.

    This Treo is so cool, I can't stand it.
    susan dennis
    seattle, WA

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