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    According to the Palm Versamail web site, versamail is compatible with Handspring Treo devices and, it requires Palm OS 4.1. I sent palm an e-mail asking them if indeed the Treo was compatible, as it was running only Palm OS 3.5x. I got an email back that said (in part).

    "Phil, Versamail is fully compatible with your Handspring Treo."

    Maybe so, but when I installed the software and hotsynced, my Treo would not come out of the "cleaning up--please wait" mode. To get my treo back up I had to do a hard reset and resync without versamail.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to proceed?
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    Versamail will not work with the treo 180/270/300. As it says it requires OS 4.1. The only treo that uses 4.1 was the 90 and that is probably what they were refering to. You can search the forum as there was a thread I read not too long ago that discussed versamail and its issues with the treo. I think some got it to work but without a certain file installed.
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    T750 w/Cingular
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    I had read that thread and was hoping that by leaving out the MMNotify and MMMailTo PRCs I could get 2.5 to work. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to work anymore. Simply loading *only* the main mmail.prc file causes the hangup on my Treo.


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