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    Was watching "Watching Ellie" last night, (love that Tivo!), and one of the characters on the show was bragging about his new multipurpose cell phone in order to impress some babe. Needless to say, it was a treo 300!

    Of course, I've never gotten lucky because I carry around a treo, but that could be because I'm married.

    It was great to see the treo being shown on national television. They showed it so much I thought it was paid product placement.

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    Yes, the Treo did have a central part in the show for a minute or two, but the Treo on the show was embellished. a bit. He claimed to be beta testing it and his had a GPS, camera and video conferencing capabilities.
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    Maybe he *was* beta'ing it...maybe it was the new Treo coming out this fall.
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    I've also seen the Handspring Treo used a lot on "24" -- I forget which characters use them, but I think some of the President's staff members use them.
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    wow...and to think that not too long ago the treo was the **** of jokes and people were imitating those of us talking on it by using an open CD jewel case! We've come a long way, baby!
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    This phone isn't a CD jewel case?
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    funny man, actor Jim Carrey shows off his new Treo 300 on tonight edition of Entertainment Tonight during an on the set interview. He said "I can call people from the other side with this thing"

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