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    My TREO 270 backlight failed after just 6 weeks use. Support in Australia for these devices sucks. First they needed me to complete 2 lots of paperwork = delay. Then I shipped it to Sydney and they lost it = delay. Then they were shipping it to the wrong address = 2 weeks delay.

    Now I dread the day it fails again.

    Service is the name of the game and without it I will never buy a Handspring product in Australia again.

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    My screen died after just 3 weeks. T-Mobile wanted me to pay $15 shipping- I refused! I have a new unit, and it's OK, but I fear that this could happen again. I say fear because I rely so heavily on my Treo. This is an amazing device!
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    I have 3, yes 3, units that the screen has failed on. It is a huge problem. I am not convinced that it has been fixed.


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