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    First button on the left brings up the speed dial screen. Cycle once and you get the dial screen. Cycle again, you get contacts. Any way to exchange Agendus for that one?
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    no. Your still embedded in the dialer. I actually use it more than agendus now because lookups can be done with initals, partial spelling, or text in other fields.

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    I use Key Contacts, and using Buttons-T have assigned it to Opt-Left most button.
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    I have used Agendus for a long time and am wondering why you would want to make it your contacts replacement? It is intended as a datebook replacement and I have dedicated my second button from the left (datebook button) to launch Agendus.

    Just curious ...
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    I've done that as well...but only because I like the way the contacts look in Agendus.
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    Try TAKEphONE instead. It offers the cleanness of Agendus, the quickness of entering any part of a name like phonebook, and many more intuitive ways to get to what you want fast. You can cycle between the TAKEphONE views and any other arbitrary application (including Agundus if that's what you want).

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