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    Am I the only one who thinks the Treo dials too slowly? And that you should be able to program long phone numbers (with pauses and # signs) without having to touch tha "Extra Digits" button? Is there a way (a hack) to get this thing to dial quicker?
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    You can program pauses and # signs when you are setting up a speed-dial. The extra-digits key is just used to initiate the sequence. Most phones have to have the extra digits initiated in some way or another, because the number of rings before pick-up could be different.
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    Yes, I understand, but on my Nokia, I have my entire voicemail sequence:
    1) phone number
    2) 3 pauses
    3) password-#
    4) phone number-#
    ...all in one speed dial button. NO need to touch the keyboard a second time AND it does this waaaay faster than the trio.

    How about it hackers: can you make this thing dial quicker? Or will overclocking the CPU do it?
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    Yeah I guess you're right. I was trying to remember how my old Nokia worked, and now that you mention it, you didn't need to initiate the extra digits, it just did it all for you.

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