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    Dear All - This is a first time post - so sorry if it is in the wrong section - I would really appreciate any advice.

    I am based in London, UK and have a Treo 180 (GSM 900 and 1800) - and i have installed the GPRS update.

    My problem is very poor quality connection to GSM networks - despite using SIMs from various service provides such as vodafone, t-mobile, orange, O2 in a variety of locations (e.g. office, residence, misc.)
    The Same SIM in other handsets would be showing 3 or 4 bars and working fine while treo would say "no service - SOS only".
    Have done network searches, resets, etc but no help. It is quite a problem since you never know when the phone has stopped working.
    Are Treo's radio capabilities source of problems - and is there a way to improve them. Someone mentioned that there is a RadioReset Application which could help - but might not be applicable for poor coverage areas.

    Best regards,
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    Ha! You must be the same guy that asked me about this at the Heathrow Express platform at Paddington last week. Glad you followed my advice and posted your problem here.

    You might want to post the same over at the, they have quite a few UK members.
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    My Treo had no problems in london on O2, occasionally couldn't connect to GPRS but the phone was fine. I'm based in north-west england but visit london on business. See if you can return it.

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