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    Anyone got a program where I can keep my checkings account up to date.

    For instance basically a little thing that can accept deposits and withdrawls that way my Treo always knows exactly how much money I have in my account.

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    Check out MyCheckbook at It's easy to use, has several export options, and it's free.

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    The quickster is a nice little app! Thanks! Also, if you want some commercial software, there's always Pocket Quicken , Qcheck and etc...
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    I ended up paying $10 for a program called, "Checkbook Register" it is exactly what I'm looking for and really lightweight. That quickster one was actually better for balancing a real checkbook, but since I use my checkcard frequently this lighterweight program works better. I'm basically just looking for something to enter all my pourchases and deposits super quickly so I can always know exactly what my balance is.

    This program does the job, it also has a PC version that you can sync back and forth, but the syncing doesn't work so I emailed the writer.

    Anyone who is interested:

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